Fact check for Delhi - General Election 2014

  • Over 12 million voters go to vote in Delhi on 10 April 2014.
  • 150 candidates.
  • 7,057,648 male and 5,657,785 female voters in Delhi.
  • 839 who are voting under the category 'Others'.
  • 11,763 polling stations.

Chief Electoral Officer Vijay Dev also said that "Delhi will break all voting records," as polling for seven Lok Sabha seats is on in the national capital.

Source: DNA

Delhi is high on election fever as it goes to vote on 10 April 2014. Let's look at top 3 reasons, among many others, for which Delhi is indebted to go and vote this summer.

3. No more the 'Rape Capital'

A Reuters report recently stated that New Delhi has the highest number of sex crimes among major cities in India.

Besides, 5600 pins have been pushed in Delhi on street harassment and women's safety. The people of Delhi have to take accountability and push more pins. They have to come out in large numbers and vote!

Delhi now has a chance to tear down the infamous label of being a "rape capital". Vote for a government that can put measures in place to address the issues women have with their basic right to safety.


2. Act of Faith

Delhi has been subject to internal turmoil in the recent past. The Chief Minister recently resigned and Delhi came under the President’s rule.

Delhi has to show resilience now. They have to show that people haven’t lost faith in the democratic process. It is this hope that the city rests on, and it is this act of faith will take Delhi forward.


1. Lead from the Front

The Capital has to set an example for the rest of the country. Let Delhi lead the way by upholding our most basic democratic right: the right to vote. If the Capital of the country doesn’t vote, how can we expect the rest of India to vote?


So go out there Delhi and make your mark on the electoral turnouts! Do not be left behind.

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