On Friday, 6th of February, 2015, we invited two important personalities on Twitter to deconstruct the hype around #DelhiElections2015.

While a lot of us have several opinions on the ongoing action in Delhi's political arena – JaagoRe spoke to two experts to demystify and articulate the political scene of Delhi.

A brief description on the experts who spoke at @JaagoRe:

Dr Dibyesh Anand, Head of Dept of Politics & International Relations at UK's Westminster University
Avid interest in matters of democracy, plurality, equality and justice

Mayank Jain, Journalist at Scroll.in
Writes on politics, current affairs & women's rights

Here's what they had to say about #DelhiElections2015 on @JaagoRe:

Delhi Elections 2015: What really matters

Delhi Elections 2015: The women that voted

Delhi Elections 2015: The people who voted

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