posted on 20 October, 2015

How one state’s election could impact the entire country

Will the 2015 Bihar election be instrumental in constructing a better India? The Bihar assembly election has caught national attention for several reasons. One one hand we have the people in Bihar choosing its representatives who would hopefully work towards Bihar’s improvement, and o...

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posted on 09 October, 2015

What voters in Bihar need to know

As the date for Bihar’s elections to take off approaches, we wanted to take a look at the issues that Bihar’s voters want resolved. Bihar’s urban voters have identified subsidized food distribution, better schools, better education and eradication of corruption as thei...

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posted on 14 July, 2015

3 Outrageous Reasons Why Some People Vote

Why do people vote? Many vote to take active part in democracy, believing that their vote will actually benefit the country. However, some people are easily led astray and fooled into voting - for all the wrong reasons. 1. Free Alcohol and other Freebies For many politicians, th...

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posted on 10 February, 2015

10 Things Political Experts Have to Say on #DelhiElections2015

On Friday, 6th of February, 2015, we invited two important personalities on Twitter to deconstruct the hype around #DelhiElections2015. While a lot of us have several opinions on the ongoing action in Delhi's political arena – JaagoRe spoke to two experts to demystify and articulat...

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posted on 06 February, 2015

What Women Really Want from #DelhiElections2015 #DelhiSpeakUp

Delhi goes to vote tomorrow, on the 7th of February, 2015. Amidst a lot of hype and hullabaloo, the common man and woman's issues are slowly getting sidelined. We speak to five women from different parts of Delhi and ask them – what is it that a woman from Delhi really expect from the ...

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posted on 24 January, 2015

8 Amazing Things About India's Voters

Every year in India, 25th January has been officially recognized as "National Voters' Day!" - a practice that was initiated in 2011 and has since encouraged voters to participate in democracy. Special focus has been given to encourage the youth to make use of their voting righ...

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posted on 25 November, 2014

What Kashmir and Jharkhand need to know before they vote

Asssembly elections for Jammu and Kashmir and Jharkhand began on 25 November 2014. Both the states have geared up for elections which will be held in five phases, with results being declared on 23rd December, 2014. Both Kashmir and Jharkhand have been plagued with their fair share of is...

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posted on 20 June, 2014


A breakdown of Indian Women's Score Card on Voter Turnouts and Women Candidates from General Election 2014, and the Top Highlights of Women's Roles in Indian Polity. The Power of 49 has Cast their Votes The Powerof49 realised itself as they did not let their voice, ...

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posted on 25 May, 2014

Top 10 highlights from Elections 2014

The excitement from Elections 2014 refuses to faze out. The country has voted, a party has now been elected to power and India is ready to walk a new path. Let's revisit the top highlights that marked General Elections 2014. 1. Longest election in India's history The Indian ...

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posted on 16 May, 2014

10 questions every Indian woman must ask the New Government

The tables have turned. The Jury has declared its verdict. With great expectations and distant dreams, the #PowerOf49 marched up to the polling booth and cast their votes. Now what? Well, it's our job to ensure that the party we voted to power carries out their job. As women, your agenda...

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